Startup Chauffeur - Aida Nazari
Published on December 19, 2018
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I interviewed Aida Nazari, co-founder & CCO of LuxAI 🚘🎙 She shared her startup experience and answered your questions. Scroll down to see the interview questions:

2:29 - How do you keep your focus when you aim to develop solutions for three very different target groups? #askfounders

3:26 - Why did you choose Luxembourg to develop this project? #askfounders

5:43 - As a female founder, do you think you had to tackle more barriers than other entrepreneurs? #askfounders

8:32 - Many founders launch projects that aim to problems they experience or observe themselves; how did the idea of building QTrobot come up, and how did you go about the first steps to build the venture? #askfounders

11:39 - Can you see your product as a solution that can be used for other social interactions as well? For instance, as a comforting robot for children experiencing a car crash? #askfounders
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