Startup Chauffeur - Fox Drinks
Published on January 21, 2019
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I interviewed Pierre Beck, founder of Fox Drinks Luxembourg 🚘🎙 He shared his startup experience and answered your questions. Scroll down to see the interview questions:
2:20 - Tasty Beer but why Fox Beer? #askfounders
2:39 - Is your Fox Beer alcohol-free? #askfounders
3:20 - Since your industry is quite unique, how do you compete with established brewing companies? Are they collaborative? #askfounders
3:47 - What lesson did you learn as a founder that you wish you knew when you started? #askfounders
4:20 - What has been the biggest barrier (bureaucratic obstacle, financial shortage) during the whole set-up, start-up process? #askfounders 4:55 - Would you change anything if you could use a time machine and restart Fox? #askfounders
5:29 - How did you develop the Fox Beer recipe? What is different? What were the challenges in finding the perfect fit? #askfounders
6:24 - They use to say "never go into business with family and friends". but if I am correct, you built the business with your wife? What's your intake? #askfounders
8:27 - Why Fox Cremant and what is different from other sparkling wines? #askfounders
10:26 - What are the future plans for Fox? #askfounders
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