BREAKDOWN - IS THIS THE END OF THE MONGOL RALLY 2019? | Bristangolia's Mongol Rally (Ep.9)
Published on December 16, 2019
Is this the end? Are we ever gonna complete the Mongol Rally? … We broke down in Kazakhstan.

We, Ed, Sam and Isaac - Team Bristangolia - have decided to do the Mongol Rally 2019, an adventure of gargantuan proportions, driving across 1/3 of the world in a Fiat Panda, raising money for CoolEarth and RefugeeCommunityKitchen!

You can still donate here:

Everything was going alright. We found some bush weed, the views were amazing, the engine was running like a dream … until we broke down. Crash Pandicoot died.

Massive shout-out to Danielle, who watches RTL You videos and invited us to stay with her and her amazing husband Andy and took us out with her friends!!

Time period of the episode: 26/08/2019 - 09/09/2019

Teams in this episode:
- Team Serious Business
- Team Wheel Or No Wheel
- Team Voyage

- MTX Connect
- Bristol Beer Factory
- RTL You

Little Island Leap – Road To Tulum
Before We Die – The Tame And The Wild
Mickey – Thompson Town Flowers
Sub Twin – Jay Varton
Gonna Make It Happen – Headlund
Cold Is The Water – The Tame And The Wild
Infinity Ripple – Not At All
A Thousdand Parts Of My Heart – Christian Anderson
Avalanche Heart – The Tame And The Wild

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