THE MOST EPIC MONGOL RALLY FINISH | Towing through Siberia | Bristangolia's Mongol Rally (Ep.10)
Published on December 23, 2019
This is it. This is the end of our Mongol Rally … and what a way to finish!

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We, Ed, Sam and Isaac - Team Bristangolia - have decided to do the Mongol Rally 2019, an adventure of gargantuan proportions, driving across 1/3 of the world in a Fiat Panda, raising money for CoolEarth and RefugeeCommunityKitchen! In the last episode we finish the rally … being towed by Team Voyage for 3000km!

Massive thanks to our friends from Team Voyage who quite literally saved us from Pavlodar and made our dream to finish the rally with Crash Pandicoot reality. We could never have done it without you and are so grateful for your generosity! (Also thanks for the footage!

Time period of the episode: 10/09/2019 - 16/09/2019

Team in this episode:
- Team Voyage

- MTX Connect
- Bristol Beer Factory
- RTL You

Little Island Leap – Road To Tulum
You Know – Mefree
Girls Hiding Behind Trees – The Tame And The Wild
Sub Twin – Jay Varton
Kiss & Tell – Headlund
A Whole Lot More – Headlund
Autumn Boy – The Tame And The Wild
Made The Grade – Violet Barber
We’re Dynamite – Craig Reever

This is is… we hope you like the last 10 weeks! Bristangolia is not over yet though, and you should be looking out for new stuff coming soon!
Thank you so much for the support and see you soon!
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